Telangana State, earlier known as Hyderabad State, was ruled by Nizams from 1724 to 1948 and became one of the States of Indian Republic in Septemebr 1948. Hyderabad State was having four divisions and (16) districts.
The annual session (later known as Indian Engineering Congress) during 1938 was organized at Hyderabad by the engineering fraternity, under the patronage of the Government. Impressed by the arrangements, the Council Members suggested to request the Council to grant a Centre at Hyderabad. The Council of IEI granted as a special case and established Hyderabad State Centre of IEI in 1938. The Centre with Er. Hasan Latif, the Chief Engineer and Secretary to Government as the Founder Chairman and Er Dildar Hussain as the Founder Hon. Secretary was inaugurated on 15th November, 1938 by the President of Nizam’s Executive Council.

Due to re-organization of States, 10 districts of Hyderabad and 13 districts of Andhra State comprising of Telugu speaking people were merged together and the State was named as “ Andhra Pradesh”. Thus the erstwhile Telangana State Centre was named as “ Andhra Pradesh State Centre”.

The relentless  struggle of the people of Telangana made Government of India to separate the existing Andhra Pradesh into   Telangana State with 10 districts  and the residuary part of A P with 13 districts as  A P  State and are  functioning  w.e.f. 2nd June 2014. As  a result of separation of States, the Telangana State Centre of the Institution of Engineers (India), formally  inaugurated by the then President of IEI on 25th September, 2015 and has now on its rolls more than 7584 Corporate Members covering fifteen disciplines of engineering besides non-Corporate Members of 19791. The First  Annual General Meeting  was held on 28th August, 2016. The Telangana State Centre inherited the legacy  of erstwhile  Hyderabad State Centre  as well as A P State Centre which  bagged  10 times the best State Centre Award besides  having the unique  privilege of four Presidents from the Centre, two by Hyderabad State Centre and two from Andhra Pradesh State Centre.


February 05, 1970 Golden Jubilee Celebrations inaugurated at Calcutta by Mrs Indira Gandhi, the honourable Prime Minister of India
1971 Class of Corporate Membership -‘FELLOW (FIE) instituted
February 16, 1980 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations inaugurated at Calcutta by His Excellency Shri M Hidayatullah, the Vice President of India
1981 The ‘Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI)’ formally established at Hyderabad
1985 The ‘Rural Development Forum (RDF)’ formally established at Calcutta
1985 ‘National Design and Research Forum (NDRF)’ formally established at Bangalore
1986 ‘Water Management Forum (WMF)’ formally established at Ahmedabad
1987 First Indian Engineering Congress held at Calcutta and inaugurated by Shri Rajiv Gandhi, the honourable Prime Minister of India
1992 The monthly publication ‘Bulletin’ bifurcated into a monthly colour tabloid ‘IEI News’ and the colour quarterly magazine ‘Technorama’
1993 Class of Non-Corporate Membership – ASSOCIATE (AIE) instituted. First IEI Convocation held at Ranchi
December 17, 1994 Platinum Jubilee Celebrations held at Calcutta, inaugurated by His Excellency Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma, the honourable President of India